Schools, NDIS and Community Programs

We offer SACE credits for all of the above and a LAP (Learning Action Plan) at Stage 1 and 2.

We are working towards our VCAL accreditation with the state education department.

  2022 Music Industry Intensive


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  2022 Music Industry Intensive

(City of Port Adelaide Enfield)

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  2022 NDIS ADL

(Christies Beach and Marion added)

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Schools, NDIS and Community Program

  • Mentoring All backgrounds and settings

  • Multicultural/Indigenous Mentoring

  • Music Program

    •  Djing

    • Music Production

    • Music Industry

    • Podcasting

    • Radio Production and Presentation

    • Drums / Percussion

We have been providing programs in schools, community and NDIS aimed at young people with engagement, mental health and wellbeing, learning and physical disabilities and barriers to access due to CALD background since 2014. We offer educational (SACE) accredited programs in SA and working on VCAL in Victoria, that can lead to employment pathways in the arts.

Our vision is to be able to offer all young South Australians and Victorians the opportunity to express themselves and engage with the wider community, achieving outcomes beneficial to themselves in terms of wellbeing and support their growth as mentors and inspiration to others.

Our mission is to engage with as many young people as possible using technology to achieve our vision of creating opportunities for tomorrow’s leaders.

Our primary beneficiaries are young people who present with social engagement, educational disengagement, mental health and learning disability issues. We offer culturally specific programs to multicultural communities and Indigenous groups too. Our beneficiaries tend to be in metropolitan Adelaide and Melbourne, however we are willing to engage regional programs in both states.

Our major programs span across school, NDIS and community groups in South Australia and Victoria. Our most successful and ever evolving programs are our Black Boys to Black Men Program which looks at issues that present from school, home or within the community and we address these concerns from a culturally specific perspective and offer these young men mentoring around safe spaces, managing expectation, hard and soft outcomes, achievable goals and the support to achieve these goals whilst still connecting to community.

Our other success story is our Nunga Leadership in Music Program which engages young Aboriginal men (at this stage) who have an active interest and current participation in the music industry and supports both their social and industry engagement in a professional manner. The tools we provide enable these young men to self manage themselves whilst being mentored by Urban Movement Ents. This has seen performances at a regional school for NAIDOC Week, the recent OzAsia Festival 2021, Adelaide Oval, the Lab on Light Square (performance venue in the city) and upcoming events for Carclew and venues in the CBD. The exposure has led to engagement and a Cyher Showcase partnership on Fresh927 and interviews on Radio Adelaide.


How long does the program last for?

Initially, we have a taster session, if required. We then offer the program for a minimum of five weeks and the program can run for the entire academic year.

What are the outcomes from an educational stand point?

In SA we have a LAP that offers stage 1 & 2 SACE credits. We offer the program as FLO and NDIS engagement programs which raise attendance and engagement.

What are the outcomes for participants from a social perspective?

We have worked with participants with various mental health, physical and learning disabilities. Some have gone into the entertainments industry and are now performers in their own right.

Can I mix aspects of the program together?

Yes, we offer a modular structure that allows you to combine aspects like DJ’ing and Podcasting within a reasonable time frame of the program.

What do the participants get at the end of the program?

The participants gain a certificate of attendance, potentially one for leadership and if the
individual or group has done particularly well the gain one of our trophies for their
exemplary example.

What activities do the young people get to participate in?

They usually get to perform at a lunchtime event an an in-school program as well as a
community event in the school holiday period. They get to perform in our own end of year performance in a setting fitting for their age.

Do you offer this service after school and/or as an NDIS program?

Yes, our service works on a fee for service basis after school and works in tandem with NDIS guidelines for rates of delivery. If the client or time is more challenging, we charge accordingly.

Work Experience and Employment Opportunities?

We offer a work experience pathway that has so far, created:-

-Four Youth Workers Cert IV TAFE Qualified

-Seven DJ’

-Eight Admin Assistants (Music Industry)

-Six Radio Presenters on the FM radio network, Tribe FM, Radio Adelaide, Fresh927

-Twelve young people have launched an entertainment career through Urban Movement.

Ongoing Support?
  • Weekly Zoom Group meeting
  • Level Up Advanced Workshop support
  • Facebook Messenger Group
  • Social Media posting
  • Bookings for our present and past students
  • Mentoring/Facilitation opportunities for past students.

19 Green St,

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