Mentoring, Consultation and Motivational Speaking

Mentoring to achieve outcomes for young people in today’s world.

Our lead facilitator MC’ing for International Men’s day on behalf of Multicultural Communities Council of SA

With various collabs and speaking engagements with organisations such as,

One culture Football, Maxima, MCCSA, And an array of private, public and specialist schools across Australia.

Our mentoring happens in the following areas :-

–               Youth justice
–               Educational Engagement
–               Community Engagement
–               Family Interactions
–               Multicultural
–               Indigenous


Our, ”Black Boys to Black Men” mentoring program has received enquiries from as far as USA, Canada and the UK. 
At Urban Movement Entertainments we have had several interventions that have helped maintain family relationships, reduced recidivism, increased school attendance and engagement. We have had several scenarios within the African – Australian and Aboriginal communities where our input has improved the presenting situation.

This link/portal is specifically for our “Black Boys to Black Men” Program. Whether you are based in North America, Europe, Africa or any where in the Black Diaspora we have a univeral struggle to raise our young men with positive role models and strategies to cope with the universal obstacles to our young men and their progress. I look forward to hearing from you in the box below, where we will connect via zoom and arrange a time. Pre -payments are via Stripe and once we’ve had a converstaion about your expectations and your young mans needs we will devise a specific individual program.


We will make the contact form available by the end of October 2022

Marketing Consultation = Budgets and Creativity 

Urban Movement Entertainments has over twenty-five years of working with media houses across the world to achieve our clients desired outcomes.

Consultation Model

Model 1

30 days


      • Marketing Consultation
      • Social Media Activation
      • Assest Generation
        • Photo Shoot
        • Logo Branding
        • Promo Clips x1
        • Press Release
        • Electronic Press Kit 

Model 1+2

60 days


  • Conference Calls x2
  • Distribution Services
    • Writers/Publishers royalties
    • Global Royalties
    • Featured Royalties
    • Sound Recording Royalties
  • Performance Agreements
  • Technology Rider
  • Review Where song is playing (Territories/Radios/Venues)
  • Tour/Event Options & Gigs in General

Model 1+2+3

90 days


  • Tour Plan
  • 1x Gig in a commercial setting
  • *DJ Promo Service ($2000)
  • *Radio Promo Service ($1500)
  • Zoom A&R Meeting/Conference Call
  • DJ Placement ($350)
  • Management Consultancy
  • Publishing

Model 1-4

120 days


  • PR Campaign national/international
  • Email Blast to Media Houses
  • TV/Radio/Magazine Interviews
  • Grant applications where applicable
  • Management Consultancy
  • Merchandising/Sponsorship Creation
  • Income Stream Generation

Using Words, Sound and Power to Influence Minds

The UME creative team all have stories that are very interesting to tell. With over 70 years of combined experience, they have all been asked to speak in forums that influence minds.



Kick-Started Radio Presenters

Kick-Started Artist

Kick-Started DJ's

Other (music industry)

Cert 4 youth workers

Mentoring Service at UME 

At Urban Movement Entertainments we are offering both youth and slightly more mature men’s mentoring to cater for individuals and self empowering groups from Schools, Community Centres, and NDIS clients. We offer one-on-one mentoring to individuals where we engage their interests and build supports, strategies and networks for them to use in every day life. We cover many different topic areas that can be tailored towards a clients needs and goals, we have a diverse team with different strengths and backgrounds and have a holistic approach towards providing supportive and meaningful mentoring.

Our mentees have an average engagement time of 18 months with us and we explore their needs, record their progress using the outcomes star model.


19 Green St,

Brompton 5007

+61 479 056 770